Natural cosmetics from Ukrainian manufacturer for skin and hair care

Every woman dreams about healthy and delicate skin and wants to be satisfied with softness and shine of her hair. Knowing this, we decided to create cosmetics that would meet these needs and help our consumers to look healthier. For this purpose «REMOS» company has created two unique brands of natural cosmetics based on of natural components – «YAKA», «PHARMEA» and «Claire de Nature».

No wonder that we produce natural cosmetic products based on natural ingredients. From the times immemorial our ancestors used plants (such as chamomile, celandine, thyme, calendula, aloe and others), oils and extracts for treatment and care of skin and hair. Cosmetic products «YAKA», «PHARMEA» and «Claire de Nature» combine the healing properties of plants, unique recipes and innovative technologies, gently and effectively taking care of natural beauty at any age.


Natural strength of «YAKA» cosmetics

«YAKA» products harmoniously combine the strength of natural components and advanced scientific achievements in the field of cosmetology. By manufacturing we use the best modern technologies and exercise constant laboratory quality control, so our manufacture corresponds to the highest level of quality control ISO 9001.

Our consumers have an opportunity to choose a series of available cosmetics. Each series contains unique products that help to take care of hair, body and face, taking into account type of skin and hair, as well as age-specific features.

While manufacturing «YAKA» cosmetics, we preserve time-tested recipes of beauty, constantly improve acquired formulas and develop new ones, adding new components to our products. That’s why every day a lot of people choose the cosmetics of this brand for themselves and for their families. We are proud that products of «YAKA» brand really help thousands of our consumers to have a beautiful and healthy look every day.


Ecological production using the best modern technology.


Power of nature and science from «PHARMEA»

Cosmeceutics «PHARMEA» works from the inside and gently cares about sensitive skin and weakened hair. These products also “switch on” own resources of the body, so they have a long-lasting effect.

In addition to the above, cosmeceutics «PHARMEA» can be used without a medical prescription, because it has a safe concentration of active ingredients and is not addictive.


The first ukrainian cosmeceutics

The new generation of natural cosmetics

«Claire de Nature» gentle care

Do you want to enjoy a gentle skin and a healthy look of your face? You can achieve this due to the innovative approach to daily skin care of your face and body. «Claire de Nature» ™ is a unique cosmetic product that uses exclusively natural ingredients and patented organic compounds. The cosmetics assortment contains products for nutrition, protection and effective regeneration of various types of skin.

The effect of natural cosmetics will become a real discovery for you and the amazing properties of organic ingredients will give you a really magical effect of moisturizing, protecting and cleansing. A carefully developed combination of valuable plant extracts and oils allows us to create really exclusive cosmetics. «Claire de Nature» ™ face and body care products are created to take care of beauty of every woman.

All brand products consist of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. The products contain certified organic substances, natural plant extracts and natural oils, as well as patented complexes Hyalurosmooth ™, Irvinol ™, Arganyl ™, Betapur ™, and Elastan ™. «Claire de Nature» ™ products are made of ingredients that have the ECOCERT organic cosmetics certificate – one of the most respected international certification agencies for organic products.

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The new generation of natural cosmetics